Marketing and Advertising your Home

Regardless of how nice your home is or how well-priced it may be, if potential buyers don’t know about it, you’re going to have a hard time selling it.

One thing that really separates one real estate agent from the next is their commitment and expertise in marketing and advertising your property. This is particularly true when you’re talking about Internet marketing and advertising, when you consider the popularity of the internet with home buyers. The Internet has changed the way people buy and sell houses due to home buyer’s ability to log on to their computer, from their home or office, and search the available Tuscaloosa and Northport housing.

If you’re reading this currently, then you are included in the 89% +  of home buyers and sellers who will use the internet at some point in their home buying decision.  Read that again, 3 quarters of home buyers will use the internet at some point in their home buying search.  This website is a marketing and advertising tool that I use to bring attention to your home and it is the result of my efforts to make sure my client’s home is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. It’s one of 3 local websites that I own, exclusively, for the promotion and sale of Tuscaloosa and Northport Alabama real estate.

 The Tuscaloosa Area is a competitive housing market and I make sure that my client’s and I have every possible advantage. I do extensive market research in the Tuscaloosa and Northport Alabama real estate markets to ensure that my client’s homes get the maximum amount of exposure from a number of different avenues.

From the National Association of Realtors:

Information sources used in home search:

  • Internet: 89%
  • Real estate agent: 69%
  • Yard sign: 22%
  • Open house: 12%
  • Newspaper ad: 9%
  • Home book or magazine: 6%

The more buyers that are exposed to your Tuscaloosa or Northport area Homethe higher the probability that your home will sell faster and for more money.

So, How Do We Sell Your Home???

The Goal is to:

  1. Sell your home for the highest possible price.
  2. Get your home sold as quickly as possible.
  3. Minimize complications during negotiation.


I accomplish these goals by Two Primary Methods:

Direct Marketing/Advertising to Buyers, which includes highly targeted internet marketing on my personal websites, and numerous other websites via the MLS, print advertising in local real estate magazines, and open houses, in addition to personally contacting potential buyers from my contact database and via social media.

Buyer Agent Networking promotes your home to other top Realtors in our area who are already working with qualified buyers. This increases the pool of potential buyers that your home will be exposed to and increases the chances we will put a SOLD sign in your yard quickly. Nearly 70% of all home buyers across the U.S will use a Real Estate agent to assist them in their home buying decision. Realtor networking is a priority.

The Internet is the most popular way for buyers to find a new home and that fact can’t be ignored when discussing how to go about advertising your home. When you list with us, you get the benefit of having your home listed on my personal ,, our Brokerage website -Visions Real Estate  at,,,,,  all of our social media pages such,, my twitter account (follow me @grantdickey1 ) and the hundreds of other web pages that connect to the West Alabama Multiple Listing Service.

We have the knowledge and experience to take advantage of the fact that nearly 90% of home buyers will use the internet in their home search.